Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to Shanghai Hongqiao Station New Construction

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to Shanghai Hongqiao Station new construction, is a high-speed rail modes of transport, aviation, subway, maglev, urban public transport as the important part of a modern integrated transport hub, and is an important railway hub in east China. The construction project for the development of China's transportation history painted an indelible mark. Shanghai high-speed rail Hongqiao station construction area of 240,000 square meters, 80,000 tons of steel consumption is one of the largest in 2010, the amount of steel and more steel works. The project structure forms, Steel Column, large span truss overweight long, tight installation engineering, construction units and more, to the construction of great difficulty. Construction unit carefully prepared process flow scheme of construction, project management in place, high-quality, construction, supervision and other parties to be satisfied, reflecting Shanghai's high-quality, high speed.
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