Shanghai YIFA, China leading manufacturer of stud welding machines and accessories, supply “YIFA” stud welding machines which are widely used in steel construction, power plants, express railway, ship-building and other fields.

We have a full line of stud welding machines. Besides traditional RSN series thyristor stud welding machines, YIFA is the first player in china to launch RSN7 series inverter stud welders, which are more lightweight, powerful, and energy-efficient compared to thyristor models. This series are proved to be very stable according to our customers rich operational practice. We also build RSR series capacitor discharge stud welding machines and provide the accessories.

Over years our YIFA stud welders have been adopted in the stud welding jobs with many landmark steel construction projects like Shanghai Expo China Pavilion, Canton Tower, Beijing-Shanghai express railway, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Shimao International Plaza, etc. Meantime our products are also used in some industries like power plants, ship-building, refractory construction.

YIFA Team always adhere to principle of QUALITY FIRST, CUSTOMER FIRST. We will keep working hard to provide best stud welding machines and service to our customers.